A ‘Love Letter’ to…

Love letter is a simple 2 to 4 player card game where all players are trying to gain favour with the princess.

Stay with me here.

It is a cut throat elimination game where a round lasts 3 minutes or less. Be the last person standing or be holding the highest card at the end of the round, win a token of affection.

4 tokens, and you court the princess and win the game!

How it plays

Each player holds 1 card, on your turn draw a card and play a card.

On your turn you might guess a player's card. If you are correct they are eliminated.
If you have a higher card than other players at the right time. They are eliminated.
Holding the princess? You better not discard her... Otherwise... You are eliminated.

It is fun, quick and a small package of laughs and grudges. Always love playing this one.

Personally, Love letter is a family favourite, it appears at family bbqs and events fairly often, we have even created a family version of it, where the photos on the cards are family members. The game allows you to have a quick laugh, and it is still filled with tense moments.

... ...

If you love Love Letter and want some slight variation, I can highly recommend the star wars version of Jabbas Palace, it plays the same but there are enough differences there to make a huge difference to the feel and flow of the game. Want another family hit recommendation, Just one is also an easy crowd-pleaser of a game.

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