Ep 017 – My Board Games Stuck on Replay!

“Shawty’s like a memory in my head and I can’t keep up and I’m feeling like.
Nah na na na every day like my board games stuck on replay!” – Rodeo, Iyaz
Description Board Games are inherently designed to be played more than once but what is it about games that make us want to come back and play them again? This is our discussion topic for this episode of the Board Game Gateway Podcast. We also asked for community feedback to see what others thought about this subject. 
We also have a look back at the games we played this week including the beautiful looking Canvas, the Mind Bending Unlock: Epic Collection as well as a review on the epic game of Twilight Imperium which Ralph, Blayke and Neeber participated in over the weekend. Finally, we look at our gateway game of the week the amazingly awesome Cockroach Poker.
  • 2:51 – Matt Recap of Carcassonne with the Kids
  • 6:01 – Unlock: Epic Collection
  • 7:22 – Canvas
  • 9:31 – Twilight Imperium
  • 17:22 – Cockroach Poker (Gateway Game of the Week)
  • 29:40 – Replayability in Board Games (Discussion Topic)
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Intro / Outro Music Merry Bay by Ghostrifter Official | https://soundcloud.com/ghostrifter-official

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