The Crew


The All Rounder
Neebers love for board games stems from family game nights the mid 1990s. The memories are fuzzy at best but the vibe of 'getting people around the table and laughing' remained.

His collection is now a point of pride with games of all varieties lining its shelves, many of which have gained the coveted "Wife Seal of Approval".

Favourite Games: Brass Birmingham, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition, 7 Wonders Duel


The Reigning Champ
Blayke is still a newcomer to the board game scene. Before joining Neebers group in early 2020 his only exposure to board games was a classic game of monopoly.

He quickly found passion for the hobby and especially loves games centred around engine building and player interaction.

Favourite Games: Dead Reckoning, Terraforming Mars, Coup


The Family Guy
Matt loves to play his games but he is the first too admit that he doesn't win many of them.

He just wishes he could cotton onto the winning tactic at least 3 moves prior to when he usually does. He would win so many games.


Favourite Games: Dice Town, Brass Birmingham, Diplomacy


The Campaigner
Ralph started playing board games from a young age, inspired by his parents who were into role playing and pretended to be in love for many years.

His favourite games are anything with high player interaction, heated and silly discussions and any game that creates banter above the table.

Favourite Games: Blood on the Clocktower, Marvel Champions, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition

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